Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is a long process that few people undertake but those who do find extremely rewarding.  The first key to playing guitar is to buy one!  Most people will not buy an expensive guitar right away, primarily because they are not sure that they will want to spend time on it for the long term.  It’s also important not to buy an incredibly cheap guitar: the ease or difficulty of learning to play guitar depends greatly on how your guitar itself is set up.  One good example is called the “action” of the guitar which is the amount of space between the strings and the fingerboard.  On many poorly made guitars, this distance is too high and a lot of muscular effort is required to play a clear note.  This can Acoustic Screens make learning to play painful and frustrating. On the other hand, strings that are too close to the fingerboard will buzz with an annoying sound.

The best guitars are made of real wood but this is often expensive these days.  It’s worth asking your parents or friends if they have an older guitar that they no longer use or that you can borrow since often they are made of great old wood.  Most inexpensive guitars are made of a composite non-wood material that simply does not sound very good.  You can find a good trade-off with a guitar that uses a real wood front panel, but composite on the sides and back.  Finally, it’s a good idea to ask for a set of light strings since these will be easier to play than normal strings as your fingers and hands adjust to the stresses of playing guitar over time.

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