Why Should I Choose Natural and Herbal Fat Burner In Place Of Steroid Pills?

What are steroids?

Steroids are artificial male hormone (testosterone) inducing substances that are majorly used as quick body muscle building pills or injections. Although the use of these medicines is illegal,Why Should I Choose Natural and Herbal Fat Burner In Place Of Steroid Pills? Articles still many bodybuilders and professional athletes use it. The process of using these medicines are period specific called cycling, meaning that people use it for regular days then stop it, then again they use it for a certain time period. This medicine has several drawbacks.

Steroid side effects:

In general these medicines have side effects such as aggression, jealousy, tremendous mood-swings, irritability, ignorance, impaired judgment on others and psychiatric side effects. Many people get addicted to steroids as stopping it leads to depression and its long term use may lead to manic like violence mood. Some steroid addicts start using other medicines as well which prove to be even more dangerous, such as heroin, in order to deal with the agony of steroid use.

Some gender specific side effects:

1. Teenage addicts: Resistance to their general physical growth and speedy puberty which could cause them remains in under growing stage.

2. Female addicts: A drastic  trenorol review increase in their testosterone level leads to irregular periods, facial growth of hair, deeper voice, male type baldness and clitoris enlargement.

3. Male addicts: Increase in size of breasts, infertility (because of low sperm count), testicles shrinking, baldness and increase in the risk of prostate cancer.

Other harmful health risks include heart stroke, heart attack, liver failure; and high chances of contracting HIV due to needle injections as these medicines are available in the form of pills or liquid form as well as injections.


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